LAUREN LEE McCARTHY - Neon Was Never Brighter

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Lauren Lee McCarthy participating in Neon Was Never Brighter

Chinatown Media & Arts Collaborative is proud to present Neon Was Never Brighter: A Glimpse Into the Future, the first ever contemporary art festival in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Neon Was Never Brighter reflects on Chinatown’s fortitude - by honoring its unique history and diverse cultural landscape. It affirms an initiative of optimism and hope for the future. Despite the severe challenges of the past and current years, the neighborhood's tenacity and resilience endure. Neon is a metaphor for Chinatown’s brightness and strength – a “light” that is embodied by and reflected through the people. As such, the festival’s title is Chinatown's self-proclamation that it has never shined brighter against the darkness of adversity because its light is from within.

800 Grant Ave, Chinatown, San Francisco